What is Futerkon


Futerkon is a country-wide Furry Convention in Poland, which was established in the place of the former Futrzakon convention. It is a renewal of an old formula, with a new team of organizers. The event is characteristic for its new approach towards preparing the convention program. The new approach is geared towards a better relationship with the participants, getting to know each other and spending time together. The convention plan is improved yearly, allowing the participants to take part in contests, competitions, panels and other highlights based on the main theme of the convention.

The Team particularly emphasizes good fun, relaxation with friends and meeting new ones. Each edition has a main theme that is intertwined with the convention plan.

You say: Futerkon, you think: the event with the awesome atmosphere with your furry friends, an entertaining program in an interesting location where you can rest and relax.

The location was always chosen for its surroundings and accommodation. Its a tradition now that Futerkon takes place in a location surrounded by forests or by a lake to provide the congoers with a comfortable rest: privacy and breath from the bustle of the city.

While Futerkon does not focus the program on fursuiters, they are and always were welcome. The Team provides all support they need during the event.