Most important dates and roules

List of the most important dates for Futerkon 2016 participants

  • Convention starts on August 10th 2016, ends on 14th
  • Reservations start on April 30th, 2016, at 12:00
  • Advence payemnt (50% of accreditation fee) must be paid within 14 days of reservation. Not later than July 17th 2017
  • Final date for payment: July 17th 2016
  • Free options can be altered and selected till July 24th 2016
  • All reservations after July 6th 2016 must be paid in full immediatly.
  • End of reservations is on July 24th 2016
  • Final date for house switching is July 31st 2016. After this date everything will have to be consulted with organisers.
  • Final date for uploading avatar for badge is July 31st 2016

Important rules and informations for Futerkon 2016 participants:

  • All participants have to organize their transport on their own
  • Info about houses, pictures and plans can be found on subsites
  • All convention participants are provided with food (breakfasts and lunch/dinner in one). More info on accreditation page. All allergies and diet have to be added in reservation form.
  • Participants can take pets with them without extra fee. This fact has to be added on reservation form.
  • All extra activities (kayaking, paintball, etc.) are paid individually in the resort or by prepayemnt.
  • All food allergies and serious health conditions have to be reported to organisers by July 31st 2016.
  • Organisers can lock and unlock house spaces without consultation with participants.
  • All houses have spaces in reserve. There is a posibility to unlock extra house spaces during reservation.