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If you want to take poart in Futerkon 2016 please fill in the reservation form.


For 3 years Futerkon tells a story thought the convention to introduce the theme and atmosphere. This year is no different! This year, we show you the Tale before the convention! Read the Tale and venture into the world of mages, warriors and assassins. What is more, you will assist in creating the main story.


You can find here the exact convention address, a description of the resort, its additional features and some photos – Everything you need to get to know the location of this year’s convention. You will also find an interactive map and GPS coordinates.

Entry Fees

You can find all most important dates and information about the convention fees here. Keep in mind that the convention starts on the 10th and ends on the 14th of August, so it is one day longer than before.


A few words about Futerkon, how it came to be, what were the beginnings, how many editions we organized and what is our mission. You will also find all of the most important information about this year’s event.


First hand info! If you have any questions about the convention, registration or you would like to suggest an event, please let us know.


What would a convention be without an event plan? You can find information about this year’s convention events. We will post a detailed plan later. You will also find more information about the theme this year.